Last Exit To Brooklyn


Hubert Selby Jr.
Penguin UK

272 pages
Parution : 01/08/2011

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Résumé de l'éditeur

Those who inhabit Last Exit to Brooklyn are unforgettable: Harry, the
strike leader, who during his weeks of power discovers something of his
true nature; Tralala, who rejects the only love she is offered and sinks
swiftly to the lowest level of prostitution; Georgette, the ‘hip queer’
with pathetic aspirations to culture; Abraham, the ‘cool ass’ black stud,
with his girls, his ‘bigass’ Cadillac, and his undernourished family; the
debris of American civilisation, for whom the author ultimately makes us
feel a profound compassion. Last Exit to Brooklyn was found obscene at the
Old Bailey in November 1967, a decision which was reversed by a historic
Appeal Court judgement in July 1968. Now this ‘honest and terrible book’,
as Anthony Burgess describes it in his Introduction to this new edition, can take its
rightful place as one of the major books of our time.

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